Thursday, November 15, 2007

About Wide Horizons

Some of my friends asked me about my Wide Horizons school. It is in Thailand. Every year, Wide Horizons calls 24 students who are Burma ethnics who live around Thailand. Wide Horizons is stand for community. We all have to live together, eat together, cook together. We all love each other. We are learning
1) Management
2) Social study
3) Computer
4) Teaching skills

These are our main subjects. But we have a lot of extra subjects. Especially, we have a lot of homework. We can sleep after we finished our homework. Sometime, we want to sleep without finished homework, we have to wake up very early. We have 4 examanations for the whole year. We are suffering at these day. We finished 1 exam, we still have 3 exams. Our exam pass mark is 75 %.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hi everybody!
I did a new blog that for post just english. I just wrote Burmese poems and post in Burmese. I think I have to try to post in english. My english skill is not very good but I'll try as much as I can. I am just a teenager so you'll see my wrong position on somewhere. I will post some poems in english, some essay in english and letters.
thank you for visit my new blog